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'Resistance Is Not Terrorism'

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Goog says patch⁵⁰ your Chrome


August 27, 2014 at 09:32AM via \hack\

Saw this on Netflix. Definitely need to start watching it.

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Itemized lists suck

Especially when they’re in a foreign language with a different alphabet. Not only does it take forever to sound out the word, the chance of me knowing the translation for most of these items is pretty much zero. 


Baby, fear has a mind of its own
Undress, it’ll seep in your bones
And I see how it waited for you
And I see how it baited the hook
Now you’re gone and you ain’t coming back

Baby, sitting outside in the cold
I can see that you’re not alone
Calamity following you
Come and see, that baby
Sin is a line in a poem
Unknown with a need to be known
Alone in a room with a view
But you’re lost in the woods

Not dead, I’ll see you all again — in time, we all descend. Not yet and I won’t leave ‘til I know what I need to know.

You know me by now.

You do.